“I have visited newly established and fast growing JS University. Choosing your course of study at J.S. University is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Luckily, there are many sources of information and many experienced advisors who can help you make the right choice

– Dr. Hemraj Soonder
Foreign Student Advisor (H on.),

" As I visited J.S. University, I would like to say I am interested to get admission in the future I like the peaceful environment and the faculty of the University."

- Ghulam Rahman Nabizada (Kabul, Afghanistan

" This University has a good environment that I have seen. The students will be comfortable than other places . "

Ahmad Sulaiman Shabir (Kabul, Afghanistan

“The main thing that attracted me is the PG Diploma course in Journalism & Mass communication was high standard of the syllabus, its various components and the practical work experience which is essential. Theory added with practical's give make the course very interesting. Also, as international students our own experiences in the field is given consideration which s very motivating.”

- Ms. Rughoo Asita,
(TV & radio News Editor and Presenter, MBC (Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation)) Student of PG Diploma in
J o u r n a l i s m & M a s s Communication

“JS University has opened the doors for research and for professional courses for us. The level of Ph.D. entrance test is very good and of very good of quality and standard. It has also given us the opportunity to focus on area of research of our society and country. The follow up from management and administration is varying laudable and there is ease in communication through the website which keeps us updated of latest happenings and important dates.”

- Geerjanandsingh Bissessur (Arvind)
(Ph.D. Scholar from Mauritius)