Hostel Accommodation

Pursuing higher education is a tough task for young adults. In most cases, it requires relocation to an entirely new setting away from home, and usually for the first time but living on campus enables quick student involvement in college activities. These activities help students to make friends and integrate with the community on campus. We are, therefore, sensitive to the sentiments of our students and strive to provide a home away from home. This is also especially meaningful because only when students are living comfortably they be able to learn effectively. Students are provided single room or sharing accommodation subject to availability. Preference is given to final year students and postgraduate students for occupying single room accommodation. The rooms are adequately furnished. A weekly laundry service is provided and each hostel has its own common room and cafeteria.

Student-centered Learning

J.S.U.believes in student-centered learning. .J.S.U.uses learning outcomes which focus attention on explicit and detailed statements of what students learn: the skills, understanding and abilities students seek to develop in them and then test. J .S.U. then uses rubrics to assess the learning.

Using Rubrics

Rubrics are tools to assist in the measurement process. Rubrics define the various levels of each of the components of learning in a measurable way. Rubrics assist both the student and the faculty to clearly identify the level to which the outcome has been achieved. J.S.U. uses rubrics for assessing the soft skills and summer internships for its Programmes.

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