Deptt. Of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

With increasing complexity of business in 21 century, the century defined by emerging knowledge based on global economy, the core competencies build around creative ideas converted into effective action through entrepreneurial traits, in an urgent need. The winds of change bringing transformation from regulation to liberalization, from protection to integration with international market and from central planning to free market economies, demands new approaches and new skills to sustain, compete and accelerate the momentum of global growth. India’s current economic growth around 8% is reflected by massive economic boom attracting transnational and multinational companies, in manufacturing & service sector, bringing unprecedented job opportunities with fast career growth in management arena. The developments place a premium on well trained young men & women possessing superior professional skills in managing the complex cross cultural business environment. The gold rush has just begun. “A booming economy sees the best time ever for jobs but companies are scrambling to find the right talent & skill” Barely three years ago, it was difficult for employees to sustain their job in corporate sector. Everybody mourned firing or job losses as companies restructured to cut costs and become globally competitive. THINGS HAVE CHANGED NOW. Companies are back in hiring mode, and this time it is widespread. According to industry estimate Indian job market will create over 18 million jobs in 2013-2014. Business leaders with vision, entrepreneurial skills and inspired to lead is what, this booming job market looks for in managers of tomorrow. Equipping yourself with a high quality application oriented management training qualification ensures your passport to this select group of managers shaping the future of Indian business.

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